Looking for a standup desk for your home office

I recently decide to purchase a standup desk for my home office. I researched a couple of different brands but I decided to go with a Varidesk from Office Depot due to availabilty. Other desks would have taken months to be delivered and Office Depot had mine to me in 3 day’s.

VARIDESK ProDesk Electric Height-Adjustable Desk, 48"W, Reclaimed Wood

I have had it now for three weeks and couldn’t be happier with it. Setup was a breeze. No fumbling with a dozen different screws and trying to hold the pieces together. Just 4 screws to secure the legs to the top after they have been slid into place (in fact I didn’t even put the screws in till yesterday). The brace slide onto the legs with a wedge to hold it in place. They supply a nice rubber mallet to tap the brace into place and you can use it for computer repair later 🙂 . It’s a very solid piece of furniture. You can have preprogramed heights so at the touch of a button you are standing or sitting.